​B&D DELTA® rack cases in ½ 19” width format

​B&D DELTA® rack cases in ½ 19” width format


Designed and constructed in exactly the same way as B&D’s acclaimed full size DELTA® rack range the smaller and lighter ½ 19” format rack provides clients with additional flexibility when configuring ½ width equipment enabling racks to be tailored exactly to the needs of the project.

Constructed with aluminium or plastic honeycomb panels which are secured into an aluminium extruded frame with patented corners and bracing. This innovative solution provides incredible strength whilst being lightweight.

B&D can assist with the design of the equipment configuration within the case, taking care of fully populated connector panels, support brackets, slide out shelving and fitting of non-standard items.

Designed to protect deployable equipment no matter the market sector or client. B&D DELTA® racks offer enhanced levels of protection and are field proven in Military, Commercial and Industrial sectors.