UK Research and Innovation (STFC) award Space contract to Barum & Dewar

UK Research and Innovation (STFC) award Space contract to Barum & Dewar


In order to develop improved weather forecasting across Europe the European Space Agency (ESA) is managing the procurement of six Meteosat Third generation (MTG) satellites due for launch into space starting 2021.

Of the six satellites, four will provide imagery with a much higher resolution to what is currently available whilst the remaining two will use complex imaging spectrometers to provide information on the distribution and flow of vapour and temperature in the middle part of the atmosphere.As a result, MTG will enable earlier warning of large-scale thunderstorms and intensive rainfall, it will allow more accurate and economic planning of air travel and rescue operations and it will enable farmers to achieve higher yields.

Barum & Dewar are responsible for the design and manufacture of specialist containers to be used to safely transport and store blackbody targets used for the calibration of instruments on both types of MTG satellites.The blackbody targets require very accurate thermal control, based on a liquid nitrogen jacket, a helium gas gap and electric heaters. These, together with associated electronics, controls, tooling, flanges, harnesses, and cryogenic supply systems and their ancillary pipework, form the Optical Ground System Equipment (OGSE).The OGSEs will be transported from STFC and will be intermittently in use and in storage over a 20 year timespan.

This latest contract follows a similar earlier one which was successfully delivered in 2019. Once again B&D’s bespoke DELTA®style of containers will be the foundation for this second phase with delivery scheduled for mid-2020. These innovative containers constructed from aluminium honeycomb with an extruded aluminium frame are fitted with a shock mounted inner frame providing a robust yet lightweight solution.

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